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Sunday, January 15

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    You can see the various countries we have visited and read of our travels simply by clicking on the country name below or page on the navigation bar that you want to see.
    You can always reach us at or
    out of Atlanta.Atlanta or Chestnut Mountain Church. The messages
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  3. page News from Central America_2017 edited ... {jjw68.JPG} Lago Apoyo {jjw66.JPG} ... their lives recently or were ... am not specia…
    {jjw68.JPG} Lago Apoyo
    their lives recently or were
    am not special --special; I'm not special
    far worse situations,situations and we
    {jjw67.JPG} All the various sugary sweets are available at almost every stop on our trip.
    You never know who is watching you where or who you might influence for better or worse without even knowing it. My goal this year is to be more intentional in those actions!
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  4. page News from Central America_2017 edited ... {jjw19.JPG} The MRIs were terrifying but the removal of the bandages without painkillers was…
    The MRIs were terrifying but the removal of the bandages without painkillers was as close to torture as I have ever been. (One group thought the other group had given the painkillers so know one realized it until I was screaming insanely about the pain, and by then it is too late.) Anyone who has been in the hospital I think will testify that it is not a place to rest and recover, but a place where you seem to be kept awake and uncomfortable to be sure you are stay alive! Dr. Burcall was definitely a God-send and even calledme at home to see how I was doing. It was one of those injuries where everyone comes in an looks at it, scratches their heads, and says "hummmm..." Not a good thing when you are the patient but the doctors at Dekalb were committed to solving the mystery and saving my arm.
    {jjw36.JPG} ThisI like this picture is outside of La Ceiba, Honduras, butbecause it reminds me of somewherea place in the old South because of the houseswith its buildings and colors. {jjw17.JPG} colorful trees.
    As I look back now, six months later, the memories and pain have faded but the scars remain to remind me of God's faithfulness and the power of prayer. I am blessed to have a family that was able to care for me while Steve returned to Honduras to work. The fact that I could manage my classes online, and that our school was extremely supportive was a blessing. Even the fact that Dekalb Medical Center was in our network of international insurance providers was huge.
    {jjw14.JPG} These are tobacco drying houses out near Copan.
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  6. page News from Central America_2017 edited ... {jw11.jpg} A Pygmy Owl {jw10.jpg} The Rufous Motmot {jw9.jpg} Flying macaws in the forest…
    {jw11.jpg} A Pygmy Owl
    {jw10.jpg} The Rufous Motmot
    {jw9.jpg} Flying macaws in the forest
    Lots of other wildlife can be seen in the park as well. In addition, there is Macaw Mountain you can visit to see the rehabilitation process or to bring birds that have been rescued. It was not as impressive overall as Tikal in Guatemala, but it was interesting in its own way as the statues and buildings had more design and style aspects.
    {jjw1.JPG} {jjw2.JPG} In front of the ruins in Copan with our friend, Andrew {jjw2.JPG} If you've ever been to ruins, you can walk all throughout the area and woods and find mounds or remnants of the people.
    *warning - graphic surgery images coming up below.
    Next, Steve and I were preparing to head to Nicaragua for a vacation in July before school started again, and I decided to go to an orthopedist in San Pedro Sula just for a shot of cortisone for a little pain in my shoulder so it wouldn't be bothering me on the trip; this is something I have done several times in the states and I thought nothing of it. Unfortunately, whether it was at that doctor's office, the emergency room, the next doctor's office, or somewhere in between, I contracted a staph infection in my arm that almost cost me my life. An overnight flight to Atlanta had us in the emergency room at Dekalb Medical Center where the staff tried to figure out what was wrong. Antibiotics were not working and the doctors couldn't determine what was happening in my arm. It had swollen to about twice its normal size and felt like someone had put a blood pressure cuff on it and was continuing to pump up the pressure.
    {s8.jpg} The doctor put 76 staples in my arm to hold it together. Believe it or not it was only a week until he took them out and without any pain.
    {s7.jpg} The infection reappeared in my scar in the form of blisters. {s9.jpg} My arm had lost all muscle and strength and I had to pick it up with the other hand to move it. This is the scar at one month. {s10.1.JPG} The scar continues to heal and the arm to gain strength.This is the scar at four months.
    turn pink again.Theagain. The fact that
    it through the two MRIs
    me. I spendspent 11 days
    wound vac on my arm to try
    the wound, 75 staples to hold my arm together, a pic
    other arm for a month to getreceive antibiotics at home for a month after leaving
    to one that is on the wayroad to 100% recovery. There was only one set
    round of antibiotics;antibiotics -- apparently staph is difficulthard to kill and easy to findso the doctors actually weren't surprised -- staph actually lives normally on your skin.But other than that,most people's skin, a fact I did not know.On all accounts, it has beenwas a miraculous
    Here are a few pretty pictures from Gibbs Gardens in Georgia to break up the scary stuff!
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  7. page News from Central America_2017 edited ... "Ten thousand years ago, during the last ice age, large glaciers covered what is now Main…
    "Ten thousand years ago, during the last ice age, large glaciers covered what is now Maine. These glaciers scraped rocks and soil as they expanded, grinding rocks into pebbles, and grinding those pebbles down into what is known as glacial silt—a granular material with a texture somewhere between sand and clay. Layers of glacial silt piled up as high as 80 feet in some parts of southern Maine. Over time, topsoil began to cover the silt, hiding the sandy substance beneath a layer of organic matter that encouraged the growth of Maine's iconic coniferous forests. It was used and farmed by various people groups who didn't understand about proper land usage, crop rotation, and overgrazing. While the Desert of Maine is certainly an intriguing tourist attraction, it's also a reminder of what can happen to farmland that isn't properly cared for."
    Read more:
    {jw32.JPG} {jw29.JPG} Birds and flowers are always a good combination! {jw29.JPG} Lighthouse off the coast of Portland, Maine
    We also went to Bar Harbor, Portland, Freeport,and just enjoyed driving in the countryside where it was relaxing, peaceful,and quiet. We saw deer, diners, and wild Maine blueberries, and ate a lot of blueberries in pancakes at the diners but not with any deer! We did go to LLBean flagship store, but we didn't buy anything but a few whoppie pies at the shop next door.I always associate the whoppie pie with the Amish in Pennsylvania, but they had about 25 different flavors in Maine that were just as good! LLBean is an institution in this area and has an interesting history told throughout the story in pictures and displays.
    Back in Honduras, we visited Copan Ruinas, the area where you can see the Mayan ruins in Honduras. Along with the ruins, the Honduran government has a release program of Macaws that have been rehabilitated or saved from private collections that operates in the park. It is amazing to see the colorful birds flying free in the park. At one time, the Scarlet Macaws were much more common, but as they were trapped and sold as pets, they were hardly ever seen in the wild.
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