For the Easter celebration, each family comes up with their own design and works all through the night to create their carpet. In the end, a procession from the church walks through the streets on the carpet. In Guatemala City and the surrounding towns, there were over 300 different processions as men, women, and children carried different "floats" through the cities of Jesus, Maria, and various saints.

carpetsmall4.jpg carpetsmall5.jpg

The designs start with a base of pine straw and saw dust on the cobblestone street. Then there is a wooden frame and stencils used to create the different designs. Some of the designers use flowers or a combination of various natural elements.


I liked this carpet because it was a miniature representation of the processions going through the carpets.


Some of the carpets were made out of fruits and vegetables. After the procession comes through, all that is left is a sandy smear. Most of the fruits and vegetables were scooped up by the parade watchers.