What is the most interesting aspect about the animals that we saw is that we saw them all within a 24 hour period! We didn't spend weeks looking and searching, but just floated by in our boat and nature unfolded around us.

july12.12.jpg july12.16.jpg

aaaaaaaaaaaaThe Black River Turtle aMom and baby having a little lunch in the trees

july12.18.jpg july12.19.jpg
aaaaaaaaaaaaThe Common Dink FrogaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaThe Gaudy Leaf Frog
july12.13.jpg july12.20.jpg
aaaaaaaaaaaThe Spectacled CaimanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaThe Emerald Basilisk Lizard
july12.22.jpg july12.23.jpg
We actually saw turtles laying eggs, mating, and swimming back to the ocean. The male turtles actually wait in the surf for the females to return and the females can lay eggs about every 15 days. The guide said that a female will usually lay 3-4 times a season, about 100 eggs each time. The mating process itself takes about 24 hours and the female can store the sperm in her body to use at will.

july12.4.jpg july12.62.jpgju
aaaaaaaaaaaThe Blue Jeans Dart FrogaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaThe Two-Toed Sloth

july12.63.jpg july12.77.jpgThe Gaudy Leaf Frog
The Two-Toed Sloth with its baby wrapped around it. I was told that if a mother drops her baby accidentally, she usually won't go down after it so it either has to save itself or dies.
july12.61.jpg july12.65.jpg
aaaaaaaaaaaThe Two-Toed SlothaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaThe Emerald Basilisk Lizard
july12.73.jpg july12.75.jpg
aaaaaaThe Long-Nosed Bats lined up on a treeaaaaaaa aSpiders are some of God's most creative creatures
july12.76.jpg july12.79.jpg
You can't have too many fotos of the Gaudy Leaf Frog!aaaaaaaaaThe White-Throated Capuchin Monkey
july12.8.jpg july12.71.jpg
aaaaaaaaaaaThe Green IguanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaThe American Crocodile
(I know it isn't green, but the mature adults are black with the striped tail)

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