Costa Rica is home to many birds and we were blessed to see quite a few of them. Our guide was great to get close to the wildlife so we could really see them, and took the time to tell us about the birds and their habitats. At the Mirador del Quetzales, we finally saw both the male and female Quetzal up in the trees. The Quetzal is the national bird of Guatemala, and, is on their money, but we had to go to Costa Rica to see one!

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july12.1.jpg july12.11.jpg
aaaaaaaaaaaaaThe Keel Billed Toucan aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaThe Northern Jacana (I love his blue legs and yellow hat!)
july12.15.jpg july12.25.jpg
aaaaaaaaaaaaThe Green-backed Heron aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaThe Amazon Kingfisher

july12.29.jpg july12.36.jpg
aaaaaaaaaaaaThe Rufous-collared Sparrow aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaThe elusive female Quetzal
july12.37.jpg july12.39.jpg
aaaaaaThe also elusive male Resplendent Quetzal aaaaaaaThis is a baby male Quetzal that was rescued from a local dog
The baby Quetzal was very sweet and when you fed it, you could hear his tiny bird voice. Hopefully he will be able to be returned to the wild once he gets bigger and his chest heals.
july12.45.jpg july12.46.jpg
aaaaaaaaaaaaThe Passrinis's Tanager aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaThe Buffy Tuftedcheek (I think)
july12.68.jpg july12.67.jpg
aaaaaaaaaThe Bare-throated Tiger Heron aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa The Anhinga (it looks like it has a snake for a neck)
july12.70.jpg july12.72.jpg
aaaaaaaaaaaaLittle baby Green Herons aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaThe Green Heron or Green-backed Heron
july12.74.jpg july12.80.jpg
aaaaaaaaaaaaaThe Ringed KingfisheraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaThe Black Collared Hawk
july12.33.jpg july12.5.jpg
aaaaaaaaaaaaThe Bay-headed Tanager aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaThe Tiger Heron drying out his wings
aaaaaMany of the birds do not have the natural oil glands to repel water so they would stand around to dry themselves out.

aA group ofComorons and Anhingas

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