The variety of hummingbirds in Costa Rica is amazing. To truly see all the colors one small colibri possesses, you have to get them in just the right mood and light! I tried to identify as many of them as possible, but sometimes you just have to go with pretty bird!

july12.24.jpg july12.26.jpg
aaaaaaaaaapossibly Violet Crowned WoodnymphaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaFiery Throated

july12.30.jpg july12.51.jpg
aaaaaaaaaaaThe Volcano HummingbirdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaThe Violet Sabrewing
july12.32.jpg july12.34.jpg
aaaaaaaaaaaThe Fiery Throated Hummingbirds look different depending on the light angle you get.heaaaaa

july12.35.jpg july12.41.jpg
july12.40.jpg july12.42.jpg
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaThe Volcano Hummingbird

aaaaaaaaaaaThe Green Crowned BrilliantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaThe Brown Violet-Ear
july12.50.jpg july12.53.jpg
aaaaaaaaaaaThe Green ThorntailaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaThe Brown Violet-ear
july12.54.jpg july12.55.jpg
aaaaaaaaaaaThe Violet SabrewingaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaThe Copper-headed Emerald
july12.56.jpg july12.57.jpg
aaaaaaaaaaaThe Green ThorntailaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaTThe Brown Violet-Ear
cr1.2.jpg cr1.3.jpg
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaThe Magnificent Hummingbird
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